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With our Do-It-Yourself Canadian Immigration lawyers Kits you will find out that it is the easiest, fastest, and the cheapest way to obtain your Canadian Immigration Visa. Why pay thousands and thousands of dollars to the Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Consultants, when you can do it by yourself for less than 150 dollars.
Our Do-It-Yourself products will enable an individual to use the easy step-by-step instruction and original application forms to prepare and file one’s own immigration case. Each package includes the required immigration forms, instructions, eligibility, requirements, procedures, and guide.

The entire process of obtaining the Permanent Residence Status in Canada is very simple and straightforward. The strategy is to get on the right track from the beginning. (To get the right information, instructions, examples and application forms.)

Our Do-It-Yourself Immigration Kit includes everything you need. You do not need to pay someone to advise and give a hand in filling out your application. We offer you a Free Consultation over the phone and a Free Immigration Online Help to all your questions that may arise during the preparation and processing of your application.

We are here to provide you the most comprehensive support that you require to ensure success in your application.

You may choose to hire a lawyer or consultant to represent you in your application for permanent residence. There is, however, no legal requirement for you to do so. Our Do-It-Yourself Kit will provide you with all the information you need to apply. Applications which are represented by lawyers or consultants are not processed any faster or any differently than those applications that are solely handled by the applicant itself.

The advantage you have by processing your application by yourself, besides saving thousands of dollars is that, you have a full control over your file at first hand and faster processing results.

Everything you need!…100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

By obtaining a package you will have the necessary information required to prepare, complete, and submit your applications to the Canadian Immigration Authorities. We have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world that have used our Do-It-Yourself packages and obtained their Permanent Residence in Canada. Click here to see the testimonials from our clients who have used our Do-It-Yourself Immigration Kits!

You have a choice. You can hire an Immigration Lawyer and pay between $2500-$4000 or you can order our Do-It-Yourself package that will provide you everything you need and will save you thousands of dollars.

Our Do-It-Yourself Kits are the most useful and complete packages available to help ensure your success! They are updated on a daily basis by our editorial staff with the latest information on the changes of the Canadian Immigration Law.

Our easy to follow kits are assembled by professional and experienced immigration consultants and immigration specialists.

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Our Commitment to You as a Valuable Client
Your decision to migrate to Canada and start a new life in a new country with your family is very important to us. Through the purchase of any one of our Do-It-Yourself Kits we will provide you with free online support to any questions you may have during the preparation and processing of your papers, until you obtain your visa.

We want your immigration process experience to be as smooth as possible, so we encourage you to use the free online help which is provided with each Do-It-Yourself Immigration Kits.


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